Zebra Chronicles: HEDS and Dysautonomia


Growing up I always felt clumsy, my nickname as a child was Dizzy Desi. I was always too tired, used to get intense itching spells as a youth up to adulthood (Ice never felt so good to calm the itching) and never really knew what it was, in adulthood I'd lose consciousness if I was sick or stressed. I saw many doctors, and no one knew what it was, they thought it was all in my head. For a while I believed them, I changed my diet and pushed myself to become more "athletic". I turned into a gym rat after I had my children, I hiked, and cycled for miles. I created Yemoja Yoga during the quarantine because I felt stuck, I was so used to working out every day and had to adjust to the "new norm". My 24-hour gym was no longer 24 hours, and at one point closed for months. As things began, opening back up, I thrust myself right back into the gym, personal trainer twice a week and all! 

And then two years ago, my life changed. Literally turned upside down. I was fainting more often and scared the heck out of my daughter. Finally, I found doctors that can help me and put a name to what I was experiencing! My diagnosis was Hyper mobility Ehlers Danlos, Vasovagal Syncope, and Dysautonomia. Lovely, I am like the stretchy dude from Fantastic Four without superpowers! What this means is, my nervous system is dysfunctional. When I tell you I have no more nerves to get on, my nerves have the nerve to stop nerving!  

I will preface by saying. most of symptoms are induced by stress! I have been deep in my spiritual journey for a long time, but this made me dig deeper to realign my inner chakras and more than ever protect my energy as well as my peace.  

There are less than 55 board certified doctors in the United States that treat Ehlers Danlos or different forms of Dysautonomia. I was told I'd literally have to see a different doctor for each symptom, I am up to 4. I am more holistic; I'd prefer the natural approach to treatment. There are some medicines I cannot avoid taking. I don't want to live like this, and I know others like me don't either. My store has evolved from just workout accessories and apparel, changing with the new journey of my life. I added spiritual/metaphysical products and that is a collection that will continue to grow. But I wanted to curate vitamins, natural supplements, and skin care...because of the range of symptoms I experience in a day! Is enough to drive a normal person crazy! But I'm extraordinarily made, and in a climate where people like me are "difficult to treat", I wanted to create alternative, natural treatments.  


Introducing: Yemoja Yoga Wellness 


I initially started this for my fellow Goddesses out there, but Fellas we have products for you too!